23AM " Mind The Gap! - Multicultural Teambuilding Workshop- "

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" Mind The Gap! - Multicultural Teambuilding Workshop- "

■ファシリテーター 河村甚
■No. 23AM
■日付 5月23日(土)13:30〜15:30
■会場 3F メディアホール
■定員数 80名
■見学 可能


What culture do you belong to?

You see cultural differences between countries, religions but you can also find cultural gaps even in your office! In this world of broad values, we cannot stay away from these cultural gaps.

Through this experiential workshop, we discuss about how we can communicate better in multicultural environment and work efficiently as a team. You may find deep insight on the cultural gaps out of simple but fun games!

Note: This workshop will be facilitated in English.

■ファシリテーター 河村甚

チームビルディングジャパン 代表取締役。

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